Submission FAQs

Who can submit material to the archive? 

Anyone who self-identifies as a single parent or as a dominant provider of care for a child or dependent. 
For example: A grandparent who is the primary care provider for their grandchild would be eligible to submit material to the archive. 
Another example: An adult caring for unrelated youth, providing primary care such as housing, food, clothing, etc. would also be eligible to submit material. 

How does someone submit material? 

Email us at 

What materials can a single parent submit to the archive?

Currently, the archive is accepting a wide variety of materials. We are interested in learning what single parents want to archive about their experiences. Don’t be afraid to be creative or experimental. Some options: recorded conversations, transcribed interviews,  written reflections or narratives, photographs, drawings, scanned objects, video/audio, poetry. If you would to talk to us about your idea, email us at