Single Parent Archive formed in the spring of 2021 and is a slow-growing archive that houses collections of the multiplicity of experience connected to single parenting. The archive intersects the single parent identity, politics around care/care labor value, and archival/preservation practices. The goal is to highlight the identities of single parents while drawing attention to the lack of support that many of these parents and caretakers experience. And to provide a space for reclamation of power and joy. Meanwhile, the archive researches alternative preservation protocols, to refuse the historical, institutional practices of divorcing communities of their objects and stories. The slowness of the archive development is part of that research and is an intentional form of care practice. There isn't gatekeeping of self-identification as a single parent, understanding the many entry points of being a sole provider for dependents. As the archive structures itself, the Art and Social Practice Archive at Portland State University Special Collections helps support the collections.